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No beginning and no end. Always was and always will be. Born from a virgin. Sent from heaven as a gift to mankind from his father God. He was born in a stable because there was no room at the Inn . In infancy he startled a king. In childhood he puzzled the doctors at the temple. In mankind he ruled the course of nature. He walked on water and calmed the storms by simply saying peace be still. He gave sight to the blind and healed the sick without using medicine and charged nothing for his service. Every Sunday millions gather in places of worship to pay homage and respect to this man. The names of highly respected priests and kings of Greece and Rome have been long forgotten, but the name of Jesus Christ will remain forever. Time has spread over 2000 years between our generation and his crucifixion, yet he still lives. Herod could not kill him. Satan could not conquer him. Death could not hold him. The grave could not keep him. He stands alone upon the highest pinnacle of heavens glory. He is proclaimed of God. He is acknowledged by angels. He is adored by saints. he is feared by demon spirits as the living, reigning, victorious king of all kings and Lord of all Lords. He is the lion of Judah. His name is Jesus of Nazareth, the son of the living God. He is Emmanuel God with us, the hope of glory. He is the light of the world. He is the bread of life. He is the rose of Sharon. He is the fairest of 10,000. His name shall be called wonderful, counselor, the mighty God, The everlasting father, the prince of peace, the gift of God, the God of Israel, the resurrection and the life, and the son of the most high. Our rock of salvation and there is no other name under heaven other than the name of Jesus Christ in which we MUST be saved. For every knee shall bend and every tongue confess Jesus is Lord.

Original Version by John Hagee - Revised with Additions by David Hakim        


The story is told of a fabulous, wealthy multimillionaire. His wife had died and his only son lived with him. His son was a crippled teenager, and was cared for by the family housemaid. The multimillionaire passed away, and soon after his son passed on also. The family attorney summoned the family heirs together for the reading of the will, and the room was filled with those who were ready to get rich. The housemaid also attended. Sitting on the table was the picture of the multimillionaires only son. The housemaid asked the attorney may I have this picture. The attorney asked the relatives does anyone want this picture. There was a chorus of No's, we do not want the picture. The housemaid took the picture and went home. There was a bulge on the back of the picture, and she opened it. It was the will of the multimillionaire. It simply said to the one who loves my son enough to want this picture of him, goes all that I own. She instantly became a multimillionaire. The point is God the Father who owns Heaven and Earth is saying to every person:  "To those who love my son, I will give you everything I own, and Heaven is yours for the asking-But you must love my son first."  


                (This story was shared by many ministers across the country)